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Clinical Development

Vanoxerine is a clinical-stage therapeutic candidate being developed for treatment of atrial fibrillation. In a recent Phase 2b clinical study, 84 percent of patients receiving a 400 mg dose of vanoxerine converted from irregular to normal sinus rhythm within 24 hours. This benefit neared the level achieved with direct current cardioversion – an aggressive procedure that sends an electric shock to the heart. Also at this dose, 76 percent of patients achieved normal sinus rhythm in the first eight hours. Vanoxerine demonstrated positive, dose-dependent efficacy at all doses evaluated. It was well-tolerated with no serious adverse events related to the study drug.

Laguna Pharmaceuticals plans to advance vanoxerine through a Phase 3 study in 2015 in order to understand the therapy’s full potential in this indication.

Underlying Science

Vanoxerine is an inhibitor of the dopamine transporter that has been shown to potently inhibit the hERG channel. In addition, it has demonstrated frequency dependent blockade of both L-type Ca and Na channels.

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